Partnerships & Business Development Manager

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April 5, 2023
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Ideate Innovation is hiring a partnerships & business development manager who will be responsible for generating business opportunities, primarily through community development and stakeholder engagement. This function will be critical to Ideate’s ongoing growth and expansion as Pakistan’s leading ethnographic research and design organization.

Primary tasks would include:

  • Nurturing Ideate's ecosystem of current and prospective partners and customers with a view to community and business development
  • Inventorying and analyzing existing community and relationships to develop simultaneous strategies to re-energize existing ecosystem and recruit new partners
  • Building and deepening relationships with the design, development, financial, technology and consulting ecosystem within and outside Pakistan to facilitate ongoing collaboration
  • Strategizing and scheduling ecosystem development events in various formats, including webinars,fireside chats and stakeholder engagement workshops
  • Coordinating the logistics and marketing of events with internal/external team members
  • Researching  potential new partners, devising value propositions and conducting planned outreach supported by compelling collateral
  • Consistently following up with target stakeholders via various media and in line with overarching programming requirements
  • Assisting in finalizing and codifying partnership arrangements or memoranda
  • Tracking requests for proposals and grant opportunities relevant to Ideate’s work and assisting team with submitting proposals/applications against these opportunities
  • Keeping diligent records of stakeholders, engagements and opportunities  in CRM or other tools

The ideal candidate would:

  • Have three or more years of experience in B2B business development or stakeholder management
  • Have worked on establishing or running a partnership / ecosystem / community development infrastructure
  • Have excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills in English with a proven track record of articulating value propositions for complex ideas while positively handling objections
  • Be able to develop outcome-oriented strategies and converge disparate ideas into cogent action plans
  • Be adept at conducting both extensive and focused research, and reporting findings in an organized manner
  • Be focused, persistent and consistent with a keen eye for detail and diligent organization
  • Have aptitude and prior experience working with cross-functional and fast-paced teams of diverse natures
  • Be a go-getter with a disciplined sense of urgency and ownership
  • Have knowledge of global business norms