Promoting self-use of a

digital credit platform

User Research, Persona Mapping, Journey Mapping, Ideation


As organizations began offering stock credit services to small businesses in the wake of Covid-19, they faced a key challenge: needing sizable field teams, leading to unscalable time and investments.’s Last Mile Money initiative partnered with us to address this by digitizing the end-to-end credit experience.


Understanding how Finja’s current loan product worked. UX audit of their existing app. User research with over 20 merchants to learn how they utilized credit to buy stock, the role the app played in it, and how well the service fit into their need for credit. Series of co-creation sessions to ideate on the way forward.


4 key experiences were focused on: onboarding, home screen, loan application and repayment. They were prototyped, tested, iterated, and then merged into a coherent final design.Merchants were now a lot more comfortable with the app, as it addressed several of their concerns uncovered in research. This redesign is now being rolled out to 30,000 merchants across the country.