GSMA, Telenor

Identifying Opportunities for

Digitization in Agribusiness Value Chains

The Challenge

Digitization of agricultural value chains is an emerging opportunity for mobile network operators to drive rural growth through enterprise solutions tailored to agribusinesses.

As part of GSMA’s Agri program, we were tasked with identifying and researching agribusiness that showed the most potential for a digital redesign of their procurement processes.

Our Approach

We focused on three base use cases: farmer registrations, digital procurement records, and digital payments. A hypotheses workshop was held that refined the questions we took to the field. In-depth interviews were conducted with various agribusinesses, before data was synthesized into meaningful insights and clear identification of opportunities.

The Outcome

The synthesis led to an ideation session with our partners to brainstorm solutions in the areas identified. 

This resulted in a finalized set of concepts that we believed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) should focus on. These included direct and digitized payments, digitized data entry, digitized weighbridge data, access to farmer profiles, reduced pilferage, and data analytics.