IDEO CoLab, Kuunda

Designing an overdraft product for

mobile money agents

Research, Mapping

The Challenge

Small store owners in developing countries are increasingly offering CI/CO services and digital products through telecom companies. One of the problems they face is their wallet balance running out during peak hours. IDEO CoLab partnered with us to design an experimental toolkit to drive higher adoption of Kuunda’s overdraft product to addresses this problem in Pakistan.

Our Approach

Workshop with partners to define the key questions we wanted answered. Interviews with 10+ mobile money agents in Lahore to learn about their existed problems and behaviors, and their perception of an overdraft product. Rapid iterations of prototyped screens, based on the day’s feedback, before testing new iterations the next day.

The Outcome

High fidelity prototypes of around 20 screens, covering key user journeys, including learning-focused onboarding, incentives communication, and more. We also proposed additional questions to probe for future research.