Responsible Contraceptive

Uptake in Rural Pakistan

The Challenge

There is a global rise in medical abortion through drugs without supervision of a health professional. It is necessary then that these women have easy access to advice on post- abortive care and contraception, so they maintain good reproductive health and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Ipas partnered with us to design interventions to increase post-abortive contraceptive uptake in rural Pakistan.

Our Approach

Designing the research in a culturally-sensitive manner that drove comfortable conversations was the foundation of our approach. Multiple activities and gamified tools were incorporated as prompts to minimise a direct line of questioning. We created journey maps from multiple perspectives that made the insights digestible and actionable. 

The Outcome

Co-design workshops with several stakeholders led to our prototyping strategy. These ideas were tested with users, assessing their willingness to pursue the proposed pathways of contraceptive counselling post abortion.

These tested concepts were a mix of digital and service solutions at key touchpoints that include the women’s homes, pharmacies, and a range of healthcare providers.