Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Studying the financial agency of

low-income women in Pakistan

User Research, Persona Mapping, Journey Mapping, Ideation

The Challenge

We aimed to build gender-inclusive digital financial services by understanding the barriers to access that women face. While the journey towards more empathetic, inclusive services is complex and the shift to mobile money spans multiple ecosystems, this project zoomed in at the moment of cashing in and cashing out.

Our Approach

Adapted field tools used for the project in other countries for our context. These were taken to peri-urban and rural areas of Pakistan to meet with 55+ users and mobile money agents.

Research started with open-ended questions about financial behaviors. We then tested concepts that would make access to financial services easier, based on our earlier findings.


We assessed the potential impact of each concept based on how well it fit different users’ lives. Mobility maps were also created to see where each concept could be deployed. All opportunities were then assessed through a gender lens to classify each as gender negative, gender neutral or gender transformative.

A final report with the insights, opportunities, journey maps, and other artefacts was presented to the partners.