Press Release

Ideate to bring together global and national players on designing for low-income communities

Ideate Innovation

Islamabad, PK (December 2, 2022): Ideate Innovation, a human-centered experience and service design firm, is set to host leading players in design, research and development in a session on designing for low-income communities in Pakistan. Organized for December 3, 2022 in Islamabad, the event promises to engage key stakeholders in an interactive deep-dive at the intersection of financial inclusion, health and nutrition, particularly for women in low-income communities. The event will open with a global perspective on the topic shared by Nick van der Velde, financial inclusion lead at Netherlands-based Bopinc. Mr. van der Velde has been an active partner for Ideate on similar projects in Pakistan and is specifically visiting to meet local stakeholders. 

“The opportunity is now, to create new business models to serve Pakistan’s low-income communities," commented Mr. van der Velde.  "Partnership and innovation are a must to unlock its full potential, and I am excited to explore new ways of collaboration together with Ideate and friends!”

Following Mr. van der Velde's talk, participants will be provided a local perspective vis-a-vis Ideate's case studies in financial inclusion and health. This will set the stage for an interactive workshop prompting participants to collectively explore further research ideas and design exercises. 

“This event aims to bring together people who care about similar things and work towards shared goals – but often using different tools and approaches to get there'" added Ideate Chief Design Officer Ali Murtaza. "We want participants to learn from each others’ experiences, learnings and methodologies, so we can collaborate more effectively to create a healthier, more financially inclusive, and gender-equitable world.”