Designing an Overdraft Product for Mobile Money Agents

IDEO CoLab partnered to design toolkit enhancing Kuunda's overdraft adoption for Pakistani store owners.

The Challenge

In developing countries, small store owners increasingly rely on offering cash-in/cash-out (CI/CO) services and digital products through telecommunication companies. However, they often encounter the problem of running out of wallet balance during peak hours. IDEO CoLab collaborated with us to design an experimental toolkit aimed at driving higher adoption of Kuunda's overdraft product to tackle this issue in Pakistan.

We have partnered with Ideate Innovation on a range of projects in the digital financial services industry where they have brought deep insights of the sector, the market context and user needs. IDEATE has led design research as well as supported our team designing user experiences and testing them in small pilots. Ideate Innovation has been a reliable partner to us, working through large multi-partner projects.

Senior Partnerships Lead, IDEO

The Work

Discovery and Assessment

We initiated our approach by convening a workshop with our partners to define key questions crucial for addressing the challenge at hand. We then conducted in-depth interviews with over 10 mobile money agents in Lahore to gain insights into their existing problems, behaviors, and perceptions regarding an overdraft product.

Design and Development

Employing a rapid iteration methodology, we developed and iterated upon prototype screens based on daily feedback received. This agile process allowed us to refine our concepts, ensuring alignment with user needs and preferences.

The Outcome

Our efforts yielded high-fidelity prototypes comprising approximately 20 screens, encompassing essential user journeys. These included a learning-focused onboarding experience, effective communication of incentives, and more. Additionally, we proposed additional  questions to guide future research endeavors.