A full-cycle systems rebrand for a company that ensures security and privacy

PureVPN revamped brand with Ideate Innovation for continuity & innovation.

The Challenge

PureVPN, a Singapore-based digital privacy company, approached Ideate Innovation with a significant challenge: they needed a complete redesign of their established brand. Despite being well-known in the digital privacy sector, PureVPN recognized the need to refresh their brand to align with their new direction. The primary challenge was to find the right balance between giving the brand a completely new look while ensuring continuity with existing customers.

As a company that prioritizes innovation and quality, we were thrilled with Ideate’s approach to our product rebranding. Their expertise in UX design ensured that our new branding wasn’t just visually appealing—it was also user-centric. They conducted thorough market research and user testing to make sure our rebrand would resonate with our target audience.

Head of Brand, Pure

The Work

Redesign Research & Exercises

We began by conducting a landscape study on the international VPN market. This provided valuable insights into industry trends, helped us understand the target audience’s associations with browsing the internet safely, and helped us identify opportunities for PureVPN's rebrand. We then facilitated brand exploration workshops with internal stakeholders to define the brand's new direction and values.

Visual Ideation and Development

Using insights gathered from the workshops, we engaged in extensive visual ideation, iterating designs based on feedback from the PureVPN team. Through a collaborative process, we refined and developed the chosen visual language and identity.

From Start to Finish: Brand Personality Creation

In addition to visual elements, we focused on defining PureVPN's brand personality to ensure consistency in communication and messaging. This involved crafting a tone of voice, defining brand values, and establishing guidelines for communication across various touchpoints.

Furthermore, we developed a comprehensive brand book to serve as a guide for the implementation of the new brand identity. This included detailed specifications for logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery guidelines, and brand messaging. The creation of a brand book was also necessary as a reference document for internal teams and external partners to ensure consistent and cohesive brand representation across all channels in the future.

The Outcome

The PureVPN brand redesign project exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and user-centric design solutions. By collaborating closely with the client and leveraging our expertise in UX design, we successfully revitalized PureVPN's brand identity, ensuring alignment with its evolving market position and engaging with its initial target audience.