Promoting Self-use of a Digital Credit Platform

Last Mile Money initiative partners Ideate Innovation to digitize end-to-end credit experience.

The Challenge

As organizations responded to the economic impacts of Covid-19 by offering stock credit services to small businesses, they encountered a significant obstacle: the need for large field teams, which resulted in unscalable time and investments.’s Last Mile Money initiative partnered with us to tackle this challenge by digitizing the entire credit experience.

We have partnered with IDEATE on a range of projects in the digital financial services industry where they have brought deep insights of the sector, the market context and user needs.

Senior Partnerships Lead, IDEO

The Work

Discovery and Assessment

Our approach focused on four key experiences: onboarding, home screen, loan application, and repayment. We prototyped and tested these experiences rigorously, iterating based on feedback to ensure a seamless and user-friendly digital solution.

Design and Development

Through extensive research, we uncovered merchants' concerns and tailored the design to address these specific needs.

The Outcome

The result of our efforts is a comprehensive digital solution that significantly enhances the credit experience for small businesses. Merchants now find the app much more user-friendly and tailored to their needs. As a testament to its success, the redesigned solution is currently being implemented for the benefit of 30,000 merchants across the country.