An Experience Overhaul for a MENA-based Online Car Marketplace

CarSwitch sought Ideate Innovation to unify brand identity and enhance market presence.

The Challenge

CarSwitch, a prominent player in the UAE's car marketplace, approached Ideate Innovation with a pressing dilemma: Despite embarking on a rebranding journey earlier with a different agency, they found themselves stuck with an incomplete transformation. Their existing products remained disconnected from the envisioned brand identity, leaving a gap in their market presence.

CarSwitch sought our expertise to integrate their new brand identity across all touchpoints, and to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand experience for their users.

Ideate seamlessly transformed our brand from logo to UI with creativity, precision, and a deep grasp of our narrative. Their collaboration with our team was flawless, delivering exceptional results ahead of schedule despite tight deadlines!

Head of Product, CarSwitch

The Work

From a logo to a complete experience

First thing we realized was that we were working with skeletal brand collateral! Having only received the logo, color palette, and basic shapes from the prior agency, we got work meticulously crafting an entire brand book. Through co-creative workshops with the client, and dozens of iterations - we designed a cohesive visual identity that helped CarSwitch stand out from the competition. The brand book contained everything from logos to color palettes, taglines to iconography, typography to imagery guidelines and more! 

Getting ready to relaunch!

With the visual direction sorted, we immediately geared up to apply the new branding on their web and mobile products. This was tricky because the client was not only relaunching their brand, they were also expanding to a different market! This meant that while we were refreshing the user interfaces, new user experiences were also being added to their products. 

We had to work in a way that allowed us the time necessary to design a refreshed user interface, while simultaneously empowering the client team to work on new features. Through feverish google sheet tracking, hundreds of Figma comments, weekly prototype demos, and obsessing over corner radii, we managed to deliver both the web & mobile products in time for launch!

Making users' experiences better

Post launch, the client noticed that one of their rebranded offerings was not doing as well as they'd hoped. They wanted more customers to sign up for SafeSwitch, their premium offering that provided a host of convenient features, but with a small price tag. 

By analyzing user flow and heat maps within the mobile app, we identified key touchpoints where SafeSwitch could be highlighted. Keeping both the users' and client's needs in mind, we prototyped and tested various interface versions to determine the most effective placement and presentation of SafeSwitch information.

The Outcome

Through our collaboration, ​​CarSwitch now presents as a unified and coherent brand experience to its users, with a renewed sense of brand loyalty and recognition. Not only this, but the redesigned web and mobile products have garnered increased user engagement, driving higher conversion rates and prolonged user interactions!