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YPay Financials

Designing an app for millennials' personal financial management

Services Offered:

User Research, UX Audit, Prototype and Mobile App Design

The Challenge

Traditional banks used to be the hub of all financial knowledge and transactions. But as more and more millennials opt for digital banking and staunchly oppose going to a physical bank, multiple new opportunities arise. YPay partnered with us to explore one such opportunity: how might we get millennials to know about, and participate in personal finance management?

The Work

We started by diving deep into the world of personal finance education and management. We used multiple apps we could find from around the world, read what people were saying online, and narrowed down some target personas for YPay's product.

We recruited people from all over Pakistan that matched our target personas, and conducted extensive interviews that covered their knowledge and opinions on personal finance. We took the insights from this research into a workshop with YPay's product team, and generated numerous ideas about how to best answer the aforementioned question.

We made quick prototypes on these ideas and put them through critical feedback & iteration cycles with our team, YPay, and the users.

The Result

All this led us to create a redesigned mobile app for iOS and Android. This app included informative onboarding, helpful educational material, and guided journeys for both novice & seasoned investors. We also worked with the YPay team to discuss all our design decisions, so that the same principles may also be applied to the product in addition to the app.